jam session

Jamsession - urban jam for urban people produces small delicacies from fruit and vegetables from the region. The raw materials come from the direct environment in and around Graz. “The Jamsistas” prefer to harvest in private gardens or public parks and green spaces or overgrown properties.

Fruits, blossoms, herbs, seeds, mushrooms and fruit vegetables are collected, found, pulled or given as gifts and then processed with fun, experimentation, intuition and interest in the product. The ingredients used are erratic boulders, orphans, divas, companions, treasures, natural beauties off the shelf, forgotten or well-bred. All ingredients are selected with the greatest care and prepared by hand. 

It doesn't matter whether it's country or city. They bring all the fruits of the city and country equally by hand into the glass. This creates sweet, sour, hot and spicy delicacies for all occasions!